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Vulture Tourism: Scavenging for the Best Travel Deals

Vulture tourism. Is that when a group of ornithologists go on a tour to study scavenger birds? No. It's what happens when avid travelers visit exotic destinations - especially after a war or health crisis - at discount prices. Vulture tourism is "travel to destinations that are cheap, safe, exotic, and unpopular because of some recent bad news," explains Kim Clark, U.S. News & World Report correspondent and vulture tourism expert.

The three key characteristics of a vulture tourist are that he or she: keeps up-to-date on world events, enjoys travel, and likes saving money. In "Vulture Tourism: Scavenging for the Best Travel Deals," a feature article for National Geographic Traveler, I will explore how a traveler can experience the culture and people of a destination at bargain prices. Adventure traveler Darren Ray has this to say about vulture tourism: "I'd rather get a feel for the actual culture and meet the 'real' people from that place... and on a budget? Perfect!"

Through interviews with Don George, global travel editor of the Lonely Planet, as well as a few adventure travelers, the article will provide safety tips, suggestions and resources for your readers who wish to experience vulture tourism firsthand.

Draft of article (PDF)

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